Collaborative Enquiry

ME to WE Was Created Out of a Business & Human Necessity

Stephen Hanman and Ian George both saw that organisations worked in a way that didn’t make sense. Why do they need to be hostile, inhuman places?

Stephen had been contemplating an alternative since 1986; what he called a soulful workplace. Ian felt the same, a place where people could be their best and develop themselves and indeed change the ‘atmosphere’ in the world.

They believed there was an alternative to the dog-eat-dog competitive way most people live in organisational life.

So they implemented a collaborative process. It worked incredibly well, beyond expectations. People engaged deeply and they watched it change people’s lives.

It very quickly became obvious that this was the most effective and efficient system – a motivated, engaged person, who is seen as a co-worker and not an automaton, is always a more productive member of the team and of society.

Achieving Your End Goals Through Collaborative Enquiry
People think collaboration was often a soft touch.

This book provides substance to ongoing collaborative practice, which not only makes economic sense, but is also far more human and engaging than the traditional model.

It makes sense at all levels for people and organisations and removes waste and politics from the system. It is guided by principles and values in which everyone has had a say in creating. It is a winner on all fronts.

After reading this book and implementing the ideas, you will feel that this is how the world should work.

The ideas contained in this book grew out of the work of Joseph Beuys, who in turn, was influenced by Rudolf Steiner.

This is an approach to the Beuys idea that ‘Every person is an artist’; a practical example of Social Sculpture at work in the world.

Download a free e-book copy of the ME:WE book here.

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