WORKSHOP: Presented by Professor Shelley Sacks and Dr Wolfgang Zumdick

Welcome event:
Thursday 10th June 6.00pm – 8.00pm
11th, 12th,13th
18th 19th 20th June 2010
Building 49 Level C
The Gossard Project Space
67 Franklin St
RMIT University City Campus
Public Lecture 17th June, venue TBA.

Do not miss this unique opportunity for the management,
business, art and academic communities to come together to
consider ideas, and new ways of working, thinking, being.

The woekshops are informed by ideas central to the work of
Joseph Beuys and his understanding of Social Sculpture.

Shelley Sacks and Wolfgang Zumdick will run a short, intensive
program in collaboration with the RMIT, Melbourne, and the Social
Sculpture Forum, Australia, to explore the social sculpture ideas as
developed by Joseph Beuys, how these ideas are currently being
developed and what they have to offer us in many different spheres.
In Sacks’ words, “Social Sculpture emphasizes imagination as a force
‐ available to us all ‐ that enables us to see the world as a sculpture in
which everyone can participate in its shaping and transformation.
Social Sculpture is a field of transformation, linking inner and outer
work, imagination and transformation, aesthetics and responsibility:
a field in which no one is outside and the shaping of a humane and
ecological society is understood to be our greatest artwork.”

The workshops are supported by the School of Art and
the following Research clusters: Art, Time & Space aligned
with Interventions Through Art. Art and Environmental
Sustainability (GCRI), the Social Sculpture Forum through
AbaF (Australia Business Art Foundation) and the Social
Sculpture Research Unit Oxford, Brookes University, UK.

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