Joseph Beuys – Fat Corners

Joseph Beuys – Fat Corners
Performance and Lecture with Norbert Schaaf

The insight and wit of the German avant garde artist, Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), will be on show in Melbourne when two actions will be performed by the interdisciplinary artists, Norbert Schaaf from Germany, who will also lead a lecture-discussion.

As a part of an international series of Beuys events, Norbert Schaaf will take some 20 people, each holding a chair, on a slow walk through the city of Melbourne ? (“We like Melbourne and Melbourne likes us”) – an exercise evoking transformation.

Norbert Schaaf: “The challenge is to be immersed in the present and to perceive not only the appearance of the chairs and ourselves sitting and walking, but to notice as well all peripheral objects, people, smells and sounds in the surroundings. This exercise is a good example of the co-existence of spirituality and humour!”

The second action by Norbert and Beate Schaaf will be the “Expedition into the Between”. This takes place in a room with eight volunteers from amongst the spectators. It is a spontaneous sound experience, whereby simple words such as yes and no, noises and other sounds are produced in accordance with the roll of the dice.

These actions have been performed in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, in Chicago and in many German cities.

The second action will be followed by a lecture-discussion, “The Mission of the Fat-Corner”, which will enable further exploration of the meanings and ideas of Beuys’ work. Said Beuys, “It is not possible to understand art. Art exists to educate the senses, to develop new organs which we do not yet possess.” These three events will provide an opportunity to actively participate in the insight and transforming process of Beuys’ work.

Ian George from the Social Sculpture Forum said, “These actions are a bridge to enhanced understanding of ideas at the core of Beuys’ work which are still little understood today. They connect directly to the new consciousness Beuys spoke about – Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition – which are a central setting to the exhibition of works by Beuys and Steiner currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria.” Timetable

* Friday 8th February 2008 at 6.00 pm: “Chair-Walk and discussion”     * Saturday 9th February 2008 at 3.30 pm “Expedition into the Between” followed by a lecture “The Mission of the Fat Corner”     * Visit our website at:


BLOCKPROJECTS Level 4, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne ADMISSION FREE

Dated: 28 January 2008

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